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Kevin A. says:

So came in here to buy some flavors since my gf told me their is a new vapor store. I normally buy mine online but since I need them now I came in 5 for 20 that's a deal. What I liked is that you can taste all the flavors. They give you a disposable tip. I liked their kits and wanted to upgrade my ego so I got a cool one that looks like a pen and has a micro USB charger like a android phone pretty sick. Great staff and great prices. Will be back for some more flavors in future. By the way I stopped smoking regular cigarettes for 6 months and I don't miss it at all.

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Drew D. says:

Forgot my charger and needed a new one. Went in and immediately greeted by Alex and Jim. These guys were super cool. I got my charger and was feeling like trying out some new juices, which they have a pretty good variety of. They said they are getting some new vendors of juices soon. So they will only be expanding their collection. Got Churro, Melo Vibes, and Wacky Watermelon. I generally use a 3-6% in most juices. Which they have in most juices. 0% juices are also available. Pro Tanks do come in packages with a box. (Sorry Flano P.) I saw them and got one as well. New shop Cool people and good prices. ill be back... Thanks Alex and Jim keep it up.

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Diana T. says:

The concept of this place is awesome! I'll start off by saying I'm not a smoker...that said, I really appreciate what these guys are doing for the general public. The idea of being able to smoke in a healthy way and not affecting those around you with the fumes is about as good as it gets. The look and feel of the shop is modern and sleek and their kits are state-of-the-art...so, all in all, a business that encompasses the era we live in today. It's the future - I like it! *Great place to get gifts for friends & family! (for those of us that don't smoke)*

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